The Book

Pre-order the book here!!!! (Book Birthday: 11 July 2023!!)

This is a book by a Black woman (me!)–about Black women and girls.

Foreword by Dr. Thema Bryant: President of American Psychological Association (APA) and womanist, multicultural feminist trauma psychologist.

From a Black feminist perspective, the first half of the book is basic research on structural and cultural racism, intersectional oppression/intersectionality, and cultural betrayal trauma theory. The second half of the book is applied: culturally competent trauma therapy, radical healing in the Black community, and institutional courage to change the systems that condone and promote racism, intersectional oppression, cultural betrayal sexual trauma, and all the costly individual, interpersonal, and community outcomes. 

At the January 2022 Boston University School of Social Work Equity & Inclusion Speaker Series, I discuss my thought process in writing the book in my workshop, “Cultural Betrayal & ‘Conundrums’: The Making of a Book”.

The crux of the book is my theory on cultural betrayal trauma. In cultural betrayal trauma theory, I propose that if a Black girl is sexually assaulted by a Black man, the outcomes of this trauma, such as dissociation, are impacted by both the victim and perpetrator experiencing discrimination in society. Specifically, because of structural racism, within-group violence–Black perpetrator, Black victim–includes a cultural betrayal harm because it violates the solidarity, or (intra)cultural trust), developed within the Black community that protects against the racism. Our research with diverse marginalized populations shows that that cultural betrayal in trauma & violence is associated with abuse outcomes, like PTSD and suicidality, as well as cultural outcomes, like internalized prejudice.

For more information, including the research, definitions, videos, diagrams, and more, see my webpage on cultural betrayal trauma theory.

I also have created a handout with tips, tricks, and lessons learned for the book-writing process called, So You Want To Write An Academic Book? Lessons From A Junior Faculty Member in a Non-Book Writing Field.

Pre-order the book here!!!! (Book Birthday: 11 July 2023!!)

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